WellCareTracker™ (WCT) is an immunization tracking and child care health record quality improvement tool developed by Stuart T. Weinberg, MD, FAAP, FAMIA in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (PA AAP) and implemented online in 2002.
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Introductory Flyer (PDF)

ECELS-Healthy Child Care PA


Earn State-Authorized
Professional Development Credit
for Using WellCareTracker™ [PDF]


Letter to Doctors Requesting Health
Record Information [MS Word]

Letter to Parents about Providing
Up-To-Date Health Record Info
[MS Word] [PDF]

Letter to Parents Describing
Preventive Health Services
[MS Word] [PDF]

Connecticut Letter to Parents Requesting
Permission for Data Entry into WCT
[MS Word]


2/4/2017 - WellCareTracker™ listed as
a resource in Preparing Child Care
Programs for Pandemic Influenza

2/4/2017 - WellCareTracker™ listed as
an additional resource in a Curriculum
for Managing Infectious Diseases
in a Child Care Setting

1/1/2005 - Pediatric News - "Online Tool
Connects Pediatricians, Day Care"


2/1/2016 - CDC's Child and Adolescent
Immunization Schedules

10/2015 - 2015 AAP Recommendations for
Preventive Pediatric Health Care

- - - [former 2008 Recommendations]

4/2015 - CDC Pink Book List of US Vaccines

AAP's Healthy Child Care America

PA Chapter Home Page

2/4/2017 - Home Page for ECELS

Fact Sheets on Medical Conditions
and Infectious Precautions


Vaccine Information Statements
in Multiple Languages (from IAC)

Summary of Recommendations for
Childhood & Adolescent Immunization
from Immunization Action Coalition

CDC's Immunization Works!

National Resource Center for
Health and Safety in Child Care

NAEYC - National Association for
the Education of Young Children

Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention

CDC's Revised Standards
for Immunization Practices

CDC's Guide to Contraindications
to Vaccinations

PA DPW Online Directory

PA DPW New Child Care Regulations

PA DPW New CD 51 (formerly CY 51)
Child Health Assessment (09/08)

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